credit card payments using mobile phones

- admin at 12:45

Hello again and welcome to another post. It is my intention that these post will contain lots of ideas, strategies and tactics to propel your business forward and today we are going to talk about something that will allow you to close the sale and get paid no matter where you are and Iím really excited to share today’s tip with you.

A little background on this tip. I was at a conference a few months back and it was probably among the top three most productive and profitable conferences that I personally have attended. Every time I sat down at a meal, it was interesting. It was almost always meal time, breakfast, lunch or dinner it seemed, but as I was a speaker the time was going by real fast ande so it was just a constant buzz of speaking, eating and making sales - woo hoo! Almost every single time I sat down, I got a new client. It was amazing.

One particular prospect who I was talking to was so excited to work with me, they were ready to pay right then and there and move forward in working with me for some business coaching. And, of course, how do you take payments if you are far away from your office? They don’t have their cheque book, of course they don’t… They certainly don’t have the amount of cash that it would take to buy my particular service. So how could you process that transaction when you are are so far away?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to say, “no problem, I can take a card payment right here”, whip out a card reader and process the payment there and then? Well now, I can and there are a number of great services available that will allow you to do exactly that without it costing you a small fortune… more details next post, see you soon…