IOSH Training courses

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IOSH is the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, in terms of membership it currently comprises about 40,000 people and that would include many thousands of health and safety advisors and professionals. It is based in the UK but has branches all over the world with 22 accredited courses running in other countries and 35 here in the UK. It was set up in 1945 as part of RoSPA on a non profit basis, specifically to promote awareness of health and safety issues in the workplace.

Professional organisations can become involved in IOSH in one of two ways, one is the package courses which include the managing safety courses, which tend to be the most popular, and then there is the working safety course, both of which have been written and produced by IOSH and their dedicated team of developers. They have been described as very much “plug & play” and they have done nearly all of the work for you so if you are a trainer like me, these courses really are a godsend and represent many hours of time saved in course research and preparation.

Of course you do need to spend some time reading and familiarising yourself with the course materials and get totally used to the story behind the animation, but once you have done that you should be totally ready to use them professionally and go ahead with presentations and training seminars..

There are also the tailor made approval services and these are all about when people have written their own courses, like myself, and they would like to gain the approval of a reputable third party like IOSH..
Both courses are going to provide the student or trainer with a very high level of awareness in real terms - they are aimed very much at normal working people in a typical working environment, their managers rather than safety experts, so very easy and straightforward information on safety that is easy to assimilate and incorporate into one’s everyday working life.