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Hello everybody, today I want to talk about online printing, as mention briefly in my previous post -
Online printing is the most economical and often the quickest way to get your business printing done these days, and will often be far superior in quality to anything you are likely to print using your office printer - you may scoff or not believe me but I have compared the results and I have used a number of online printing services and the results really do speak for themselves.

Also it’s easy to forget to factor in the downtime that your office or home printers can cause when they need their ink replenishing, the time it takes to load them, unpack boxes of paper, fixing paper jams, waiting for prints to come out, routine servicing/cleaning and the waste… forget it. Use your home printer where it belongs - at home, for business, use a dedicated printing service and online is definitely the best option these days…think about it, you don’t have to leave the office or drive anywhere, you don’t have to pay a designer unless you want to - you will typically have a massive database of attractive design templates to choose from and edit to your requirements, or design your own using the online printing company’s design software usually an online application and you can either set it up yourself from home or if you time is too valuable, get an office junior or other staff member to do it for you.

Your time is valuable so you need to use it wisely, delegation is the way and online printing is the ideal way to delegate work out to an expert that will save you money and time. You want to be making your business make money not chasing around getting printing done, you want it designed quickly, efficiently with the minimum of fuss or expense then the templates saved and simply re order when needed.