Health and Safety 2

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Health and safety training is so important, I am always being asked one thing or another about health and safety and when I am doing presentations, people are often very attentive, asking questions and making constructive suggestions.. This is great but really not that accurate a representation of how people work, in the workplace things are different.. both in the cases of employees/workers and managers, the focus is on getting the job done, usually quickly, and that in itself can be a cause of accidents, another being lack of safety awareness sometimes concentration and often neglecting or forgetting to use the right safety equipment.

Realising that there is even a risk there is one of the things I have to remind people of and to take an active interest in each others’ safety in the workplace. Many times accidents can be averted by the help and support of co workers watching each others backs and taking an interest in the collective safety of everybody on site. Also management can have a significant input when it comes to issues like working in confined spaces, where better design of plant and machinery can help make the workplace safer, for instance by modifying existing environments so that it is safer for the people who have to work in them.

Sometimes something as simple as agreed working practices, procedures agreed upon in meetings and training sessions can be instrumental in saving lives, avoiding injuries and costly downtime for the company, not to mention compensation payouts. Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility and serves the interests of everyone in the workplace. Having the appropriate training, mindset and safety equipment is not optional these days as there are many governmental legal requirements that companies have to abide by in order to avoid prosecution.